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Native Trees!

(*Redbuds, Serviceberries, and Beech trees are delayed! They will not be available until Saturday, 6Dec, 9-12)

Pick-up Dec 5th and 6th (Redbuds, Serviceberries, and 
Thank you to those who ordered trees from us and helped us reach our goal of 500 trees planted in 2014! Your trees will be available for pick-up on Friday, Dec 5th, from 10am-6pm and Saturday, Dec 6th, from 9am-noon. Bayside Christian Church (a Pearl Faith Community) is hosting our tree pick-up and they are located at 2224 Greenwell Rd off of Shore Dr. 

These trees need to get into the ground as quickly as possible, so any trees not picked up by noon on Saturday will be available for adoption on a first come, first served basis thereafter.

If you have any questions, call (757)962-5398 or email dana@lrnow.org

Coronate an Oyster Queen or King!

Coronate your friends and family as Oyster Kings & Queens with an oyster castle (1 block) or kingdom (a whole castle!). You will receive a notification card (see below) to gift to them, & castles will be constructed next spring at the Laskin Road project. Order here: http://mkt.com/lynnhaven-river-now/oyster-castle-block-donation, call (757)962-5398, or email dana@lrnow.org. First 20 orders receive a secret bonus gift!

Our Goal is Simple

A Clean and Healthy Lynnhaven River.
The Lynnhaven River includes the Eastern Branch, Western Branch, Long Creek, Broad Bay, Crystal Lake, Linkhorn Bay and all of the tributaries, which are all located within the city of Virginia Beach. Lynnhaven River NOW is a grassroots environmental organization dedicated to restoring and protecting all of the branches of the Lynnhaven River.
Our three primary objectives are to:
  1. Identify and reduce sources of contamination in the River.
  2. To educate and engage the community and partner organizations in this effort.
  3. To restore lost habitats such as oyster reefs, salt marshes and other buffers.
Thank you for visiting our website! Please explore further to find out how you can get involved and help to RESTORE THE LEGEND.


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