Together we are making a difference

Everything that we have accomplished since 2002 at LRNow is a result of the many valuable partnerships we have formed and the ways in which we have been able to work together with our community, our city staff and leadership, and other organizations to collaborate and work together to reach our goals.

This list is provides a glimpse into the vastness of the network we have formed over the years.  We appreciate all of you and the ways we can work together.

ALL of our members, volunteers and supporters

The Virginia Beach Faith Communities are part of our Pearl Faith Community Program

The Virginia Beach Businesses are part of our Pearl Business Program

Over 5,000 Virginia Beach homes that are part of our Pearl Home Program

Over 100 Virginia Beach schools that are part of our Pearl School Programs

The Virginia Beach Restaurants are part of our Shell Collection Program

The Garden Clubs and Civic Organizations that support our various projects

LRNow is a member and active participant with the following organizations and committees.

State and Regional Collaborative Organizations:

Virginia Conservation Network

Choose Clean Water Coalition

Hampton Roads Association for Environmental Education

Virginia Association for Environmental Education

Virginia Forever

Chesapeake Oyster Alliance

Buy Fresh, Buy Local Hampton Roads

Local and Regional Committees and Boards:

Virginia Beach Green Ribbon Committee

Virginia Beach Vision

Virginia Beach Vision and Downtown Norfolk Resiliency Committee

Hampton Roads Planning District Commission HRGreen Committee

RAC Green Committee

Norfolk Environmental Commission

Friends of Live Oaks

Virginia Coastal Alliance

Forest Conservation Study Group

We have partnered with all of the following groups on various projects and initiatives:

City of Virginia Beach, Public Works

Virginia Beach City Public Schools

Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Albemarle-Pamlico National Estuarine Project

US Army Corps of Engineers

Virginia Native Plant Society

Hampton Roads Planning District Commission HRGreen Programs

Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation

Virginia Beach Landscape Management


Ocean Lakes Homeowners Association

Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Wetlands Watch

Southern Branch Nursery

Wild Works of Whimsy

Dollar Tree

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Sierra Club



PEARL HOMES are places where people care about our environment and want to do what they can to help protect our resources.

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Lynnhaven River NOW recognizes schools providing outstanding environmental education as a Pearl School.

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PEARL BUSINESSES are essential to truly move towards a more sustainable Virginia Beach and cleaner waters.

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We all want to do our part to restore the health of all of our sacred waterways and protect them for future generations to enjoy.

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SUSTAINABLE YARDS PROGRAM: Let us help you “green” your Lynnhaven watershed home. This unique program provides specific stormwater management practices to your yard at a significantly reduced cost to you.

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