March 20, 2020
Why Trees Matter

Trees-Wonderful Trees

Most of us have a favorite tree. Maybe it was one you climbed as a kid. Maybe it is the one you watch through the seasons from your kitchen window or one you pass on your daily walk. Imagine for a minute the world without trees. It would be a desolate place. It would also be a place devoid of all life as trees are what support all life on our planet.

What if you could build a machine that would take carbon dioxide out of the air helping to moderate climate change? And this machine would release oxygen back into the air to support animal life. It could also clean our water, provide food and homes for multitudes of species, help control flooding, shade our homes in the summer keeping them cooler, and it was self-sustaining. This machine, once planted, needed virtually no care to continue to provide these benefits for hundreds of years. Trees do all of this and basically just ask us to leave them alone and let them continue their great work.For these reasons, LRNow is celebrating trees and the important relationship between forests and water.

We kicked off our Plant for the Future campaign at the 2019 Fall Festival at Mt. Trashmore Park. Throughout this campaign, we are offering  multiple webinars for teachers on teaching about and with trees at all levels; we are making trees available to our businesses, residents, and faith communities to plant and nurture; we are partnering with Virginia Tech and the nature Conservancy.

Although we will not be hosting our annual fall festival this year, we are ramping up to to celebrate trees throughout the month of October 2020. We are excited to offer the community a series of special events and educational opportunities including notable tree tours, art and photo contests, a series of virtual events and so much more throughout the month of October. Stay tuned and follow us on social media, sign up for LRNow e-news, and visit our website’s event page for more information.



Trees and Water Quality: 

Water and trees are integrally linked. Forests have an amazing ability to aid in the filtration of water by filtering sediments and taking up nutrients before it reaches our waterways. These natural sponges also help prevent erosion of sediment into the water and help to replenish the water table by allowing water to enter the ground. The trees on our land intercept the rain keeping some on the leaves and branches to evaporate into the atmosphere and soften the rain that falls to the ground. Trees can store many gallons of water helping to keep our lawns and streets from flooding. Trees take in carbon dioxide that could otherwise be dissolved in the ocean, making the ocean waters more acidic and damaging marine life including our oysters.

Photosynthesis is the cornerstone of all life on our planet. Photosynthesis removes carbon dioxide naturally – and trees are especially good at storing carbon removed from the atmosphere by photosynthesis. For example, every acre of land restored to temperate forest can sequester about three metric tons of CO2 per year. Read more about how trees help combat climate change:





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