Waterway Cleanups

Get involved! Volunteer at a monthly waterway cleanup and help keep our waterways clean and healthy.

Lynnhaven River Now hosts cleanups along our Virginia Beach waterways every month (except December) to remove marine debris, improve water quality and keep our city’s waters healthy and safe. Cleanups may be land-based, water-based or a combination of both depending on the location chosen for any given month. Please know what type of cleanup you are signing up for so that you understand what to expect when you arrive.

Cleanups are usually held on the second Saturday of every month, unless a date is change to coordinate with a partner event. Most are family friendly.

Results of Lynnhaven River Now’s cleanup efforts are available here.

 Please register if you plan to participate in a cleanup so you do not miss important information. Coordinators email details about meetup locations, dress, safety concerns and weather updates to registered participants by email.


If you have questions please call our office (757) 962-5398 or email–You can also sign up to volunteer by calling (757)962-5398.

About LRNow Waterway Cleanups:

Waterway cleanups occur monthly on the 2nd Saturday of each month from 9 a.m. until noon. Dates may be changed to accommodate partnership and event opportunities. A rain date may be announced for certain sites. Cleanups may be land- and/or water-based. Most cleanups are family-friendly events.

Participants are required to provide their own kayak and PFD (required) for water-based cleanups. Larger watercraft are not appropriate due to the limitations at launch sites.

Appropriate dress and shoe wear are required. Cleanups usually occur in brushy, thorny, and muddy terrain which require full body protection. Closed-toed, sturdy shoes that can get wet and dirty should be worn for land-based cleanups. Water shoes are appropriate in kayaks only. Bare feet are never permitted. Hats, sunscreen, insect repellent and a reusable water bottle are recommended.

Equipment and supplies provided by Lynnhaven River Now at the cleanups include:

Trash bags

Work gloves

Grabbers (limited supply available)

Cleanups are led by highly trained volunteers and staff of Lynnhaven River NOW. Directions and safety information are provided at the beginning of each cleanup event. A first aid kit is always available for minor medical needs. Any unique medical situations should be discussed with the cleanup leader before going into the field.

If dangerous weather cancels or postpones a cleanup, it will be announced on the Lynnhaven River Now’s Facebook  page by 8 a.m. on the day of the cleanup. Registered participants will receive an email by 8 a.m. the day of the cleanup.

Interested in learning more about waterway cleanups? Watch Chris Reckling’s Reck on the Road: Lynnhaven River NOW video.

 This program is possible thanks to LRN’s dedicated Stewardship & Access Committee Volunteers.

2021 Waterway Cleanup Schedule 

February 13 Canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions – Kempsville (Elizabeth River watershed), 9 am – noon

March 13 Princess Anne Road in the North Landing watershed, 9 am – noon. Land-based cleanup. Participants limited due to COVID-19 restrictions.

April 10 Beach Garden Park (Lynnhaven watershed), 9 am – noon. This will be a land- and water-based cleanup. Kayakers and canoes are expected to bring their own gear. Some loaner kayaks may be arranged in advance. Participants limited due to COVID-19 restrictions.

April 22 Earth Day Cleanups, 4 – 6 pm. Register for these Earth Day cleanups by clicking the location below at which you wish to participate. Each site is capped at 50 volunteers. These cleanups are land-based cleanups.

ViBe Park (Rudee/Owl’s Creek watershed) hosted by ViBe Creative District and Lynnhaven River NOW

Rudee Loop (Rudee/Owl’s Creek watershed) hosted by Keep It Beachy Clean and Eco Maniac Company

17th Street Park (Atlantic/Small Coastal watersheds) hosted by the Virginia Beach Hotel Association

Surf & Rescue Museum at 24th Street (Atlantic/Small Coastal watersheds) hosted by Surf & Rescue Museum and Lynnhaven River NOW

31st Street Park (Atlantic/Small Coastal watersheds) hosted by Atlantic Avenue Association

Norfolk Ave Bike Path (Rudee/Owl’s Creek watershed) hosted by Desmond’s Island Soul Grill

Winston Salem Avenue (Rudee/Owl’s Creek watershed) hosted by Americans for Prosperity and Virginia Beach Restaurant Association

Lake Holly & Rudee Inlet (Rudee/Owl’s Creek watershed) hosted by Rudee Tours and Virginia Beach Fishing Center.

April 24 Lynnhaven River Now &’s EARTH Month Cleanup at Coastline (formerly Lake Edwards) (Elizabeth River watershed), 9 am – noon. This cleanup will be a land-based cleanup.

May 8 Owls Creek Boat Ramp (Rudee/Owls Creek watershed), 9 am – noon. This will be a land- and water-based cleanup.

June 5 Clean the Bay Day at Little Creek Reservoir at Chalice Christian Church (Little Creek watershed), 9 am – noon. This will be a land- and water-based cleanup.

July 10 Plastic Free July at Lake Windsor, Mount Trashmore, (Lynnhaven watershed), 9 am – noon; This will be a land- and water-based cleanup.

August 14 Munden Point Park (North Landing River watershed), 9 am – noon. This will be a land- and water-based cleanup.

September 14 International Coastal Cleanup Day at Lake Holly (Rudee/Owls Creek watershed), 9 am – noon. This will be a water-based cleanup with limited land opportunities.

October 2 Ocean Lakes (Back Bay watershed), 9 am – noon. This will be a land- and water-based cleanup.

November 13 Thalia Kayak Launch (Lynnhaven River watershed), 9 am – noon. This will be a water-based cleanup with limited land opportunities.


January 8 MOCA (Lynnhaven River watershed), 9 am – noon. This will be a land-based cleanup.


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