Wind Energy

A renewable energy source with a smaller impact on the environment than burning fossil fuels.

Upcoming Project for Virginia Beach

We hope you are as excited as we are about the ground breaking wind energy project moving forward off our coast. 180 wind vanes will provide enough power for over 660,000 homes! 

The first two Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind, or CVOW, pilot test turbines are up and running 27 miles off the coast of Virginia Beach — an important first step toward offshore wind development for Virginia and the United States. Not only are the turbines generating 12 megawatts of electricity, they are demonstrating to the world that wind energy works well in the Atlantic.

The expansion of this offshore wind farm with up to 178 additional turbines is underway. Construction is scheduled to begin in the next 3-4 years and is the first wind project in the federally controlled waters of the United States. 

But to get to those homes, the power has to come ashore and get to a distribution center. The power will come ashore at Camp Pendleton in Virginia Beach and travel across the city to a distribution center in Chesapeake.

Click here to visit the Dominion site and learn more about this project.

You can go to to learn more about this important renewable energy project. 


Getting Involved 

WINDSday Warriors are busy working with individuals and organizations across the public and private sectors to develop programs and communications to raise awareness of Coastal Virginia Offshore Winds, or CVOW, and the benefits it can bring to education, recreation, economic development, the environment, tourism and even entertainment.

On WINDSdays, look for more kites and pinwheels, wind chimes and Instagram posts, media coverage and restaurant specials, all to encourage us to live cleaner and greener and recognize the power of wind. So if you’re a retailer or a restaurant owner, a car dealer or a teacher, a parent, a politician or anyone who supports clean energy, consider what you can do or share on WINDSdays to bring attention to this new industry and our good fortune to host it.

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We are also a proud partner of Virginians for Offshore Winds.

Virginians for Offshore Wind is dedicated to promoting offshore wind in Virginia, including the clean energy transformation and economic opportunities that come with it. Click here to learn more.


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