Rain Barrels

Sustainable Practices

Rain Barrels are great ways to reduce stormwater runoff from your property. Stormwater runoff, and the bacteria, toxins and sediments that it picks up and carries, is the number one source of pollution in Virginia Beach’s waterways. They help prevent pollutants such as fertilizer, fluids from cars, pesticides from entering our waterways.

Utilize the rain water for your flowers, shrubs, trees, lawns, indoor plants or koi ponds using captured water from your rain barrel. You can also use the water to wash your car or pet, rinse your feet, tools, or muddy/sandy boots or sandals.

A rain barrel is easy to install on your downspout. It will have a spigot on the front for a watering can and/or a soaker hose and an overflow spout at the top. The intake at the top is screened to prevent mosquito infestation. You can install a single barrel or connect multiple barrels.


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50 gallon Ivy Barrel — $95.00
 Click HERE to purchase.

Ivy Dimensions: L 18″ x  W 22″ x  H 42.5″
Weight: 16lbs
Material: Durable UV-Stable Polyethylene







65 gallon black Moby Barrel — $175.00
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Moby Dimensions: L 29″ x W 29″ x H 39.4″

Overall Product Weight: 26lbs
Diameter of overflow hole: 1.25”


The Moby is different from the Ivy in a few ways. It is manufactured from a much denser material and is substantially heavier than the Ivy. It also offers 15 gallons more storage capacity and the spigot is solid brass.



To place an order visit our online shop, call our office at 757-962-5398 or e-mail
Thank you for helping protect and restore our waterways.




Available to homeowners in the Lynnhaven River Watershed: 125 Gallon Rain Barrel provided through the Pearl Yard Program

An application is required, followed up by a site visit in order to qualify for the program.

Interested? Please contact us at or call 757-962-5398




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