October 31, 2019
Raise a toast to all trees this season, not just the ones with lights by Mary Reid Barrow

Make this season about all trees, not just attention grabbing holiday trees.

Grab a handful of Lynnhaven River NOW’s new tree bookmarks from the office at the Brock Center at Pleasure House Point and spread glad tidings about oaks, pines, hollies, live oaks and more that decorate the land year round.

Put a tree bookmark in every gift book you give.

Tuck one under the bow when you wrap a package.

Pass bookmarks out at garden club,  civic league and other meetings and gatherings.

Then ring in the New Year resolved to continue to spread the news about trees and all they do for us throughout 2020.

The bookmark with its logo,  “Plant for the Future,” is chockful  of interesting useful information about trees, about how they can combat climate change, slow flooding, cleanse the air and provide food for wildlife along with food, shade, and more for us humans.

And if you are looking for a good stocking stuffer or hostess gift for a tree lover, check out “Common Native Trees of Virginia.”  The bookmarks are free and the books, also at the Lynnhaven River NOW office, are $5.

This handy little tree book is by my side whenever I sit down to write this blog.  Published by the Virginia Department of Forestry, it covers common trees you may see across the state, as well as some as some non-native invasive species to be on the lookout for.

It’s helpful as an Id guide and also is full of good information on roles each tree plays in nature year around, not just at the holidays.

So raise a glass to all trees, this season, not just the lighted ones.



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