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Congratulations to all of our 2020-2021 Pearl Schools and thank you for providing outstanding environmental education! 

Schools qualify for the Pearl School Award by filling out an online application each year. To receive the award, the school must reach the required number of points for the various environmental education projects and programs that they have completed throughout the year- Please refer to the 2021-2022 information and resources page and the 2021 Pearl School Activity Ideas.


We are happy to say that each year, the schools qualifying for this award increases, demonstrating that our Virginia Beach teachers are dedicated to offering excellent environmental education opportunities for students in all of our schools.

Many projects can be initiated at schools to add outdoor learning opportunities on grounds while also helping to improve water quality. Schools can install Rain Barrels, Scoop the Poop Boxes, Rain Gardens, or Buffer Gardens to green their school grounds with valuable learning components.  Oyster Restoration efforts for example: constructing oyster castles, allow students to have hands-on interaction on the water and study living systems and watershed ecology in addition to project support, Lynnhaven River NOW recognizes schools providing outstanding environmental education with the Pearl School Award. Any school within Lynnhaven River NOW’s service area is eligible to apply.

Classroom programs such as Growing Wetlands in the Classroom  and EarthEcho Water Challenge offer educators the chance to bring wetland education into the everyday classroom experience by “Thinking Globally and Acting Locally”.

Professional development  opportunities are available for teachers throughout the year in Virginia Beach Schools sponsored trainings as well as independent workshop opportunities.

Students can apply for a various Internships that offer experience working with a grassroots, environmental organization focused on local water quality issues. These volunteer positions provide valuable, real-world experiences that help to enhance college applications and resumes.

Specific information can be found here: Pearl School Information and Resources


Watch this video to learn more about our Pearl School Program!

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