March 17, 2023
Puzzle of the week. Who am I?

By Mary Reid Barrow

 Puzzle of the week!

Who am I?

Before you look at the video (with your sound up), I am going to give you some clues to help you guess what tiny critter I am.

This tangle of green vines is at the end of a side street that abuts First Landing State Park off the North End Feeder Road.

My friends and I are behind the vines, probably in a small pond.

You won’t see me, or my friends, in the video.  Folks rarely see me, only hear me.

You usually have to identify me from the sound of my voice.

I am a true harbinger of spring and make myself known well before spring arrives.  When I was singing in the video, it was very cold, in the low 40s with strong winds.

I live in freshwater ponds, wetlands, and ditches statewide.

I’m not very handsome.  I am a brownish color.  Some of us may have a dark “X” on our backs.  We blend into our surroundings.

I am very tiny, around an inch long.

My small size and drab looks belie my pretty evening song.

I am not singing for you.  My fancy turns to love before spring, and I am singing my mating call.

Did you guess?

I am a spring peeper, a tiny little frog with a great big voice.

Listen to my song on the video.

And if you want to see what I look like, visit the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources web page:

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