What Should We Anticipate in this Year’s General Assembly?


Lynnhaven River NOW has several opportunities coming up this fall to help you feel better prepared, involved and have the ability to make a difference in Richmond this winter. On Wednesday, September 11th we are hosting “What Should We Anticipate in this Year’s General Assembly” at the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center. We hope that you will join us to hear from a panel of experts from the Virginia Conservation Network:

Mary Rafferty, VCN Executive Director
Kristie Smith, VCN Policy and Campaign Manager—Energy and Transportation
Pat Calvert, VCN Policy and Campaign Manager – Water and Land

Register to let us know you will be able to make it!


VCN 2020 Briefing Book Available
Our Common Agenda

LRNow is a proud member of the Virginia Conservation Network (VCN).  Each year, VCN works with partners across the state to put together the Briefing Book on our most important environmental initiatives for our state administration and the next General Assembly session in Richmond.


This year’s Briefing Book is now available in PDF format on their website,   vcnva.org/our-common-agenda/ .  I encourage you to review these briefing papers.  If you do not have time to read the whole book.  Here is a list  of papers that relate most directly with our work in Virginia Beach.


Tackling Polluted Runoff — P. 6
Reducing Litter — P. 10
Understanding the Albemarle Watershed — P. 14
Curbing Vehicle Pollution — P. 36
Addressing Sea Level Rise — P. 42
Regional Action on Climate — P. 54
Breaking Down Barriers to Solar — P. 56
Offshore Wind — P. 60
Drilling Off of Our Coast — P. 62
Achieving 2% for Natural Resources — P. 74
Assessing and Enhancing Virginia’s Oyster Stock — P. 96
Ensuring Environmental Justice for All — P. 108
We will be using these briefing papers as a guide as we put together our agenda for this session and as we speak with both our City Council members and our candidates for state representative about the issues that are most important to us in Virginia Beach and will affect us most directly.