Seismic Air Testing in the Atlantic

Today the Trump Administration issued permits to five private companies to conduct seismic air gun blasting in the Atlantic to search for potential oil and gas deposits. Seismic air guns are the loudest manmade sounds in the ocean and travel up to 2,500 miles. The effect of seismic blasting is absolutely detrimental to whales, sea turtles, seals and dolphins.

Lynnhaven River NOW is strongly opposed to seismic testing due to the serious danger it poses to marine life. Virginia Beach City Council has also recognized seismic air gun blasting as a major threat, passing two resolutions in opposition to seismic testing and offshore drilling.

This is the next step toward oil and gas drilling off our coast. Both practices will harm marine life, threaten tourism, our seafood and fisheries, and NASA’s activities at Wallops Island, as well as disrupt the US Navy’s training offshore. Now is the time to act.

Your members of Congress speak for YOU! Please let them know that you stand in opposition to seismic air gun blasting and let your voice be heard.

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