Please VOTE on November 5th!

Please vote on Tuesday, November 5th!

At the local level, we will be electing two City Council members, City Treasurer, Clerk of Courts, School Board Members, and Soil and Water Conservation Board members.

At the state level, all Delegates and State Senators are up for election this year.

Two of our Candidates Forums were video-taped and can be viewed on You Tube.

October 16th Forum includes:   HD83: Nancy Guy and Chris Stolle;   HD 82: Gayle Johnson and Jason Miyares;   HD 85: Alex Askew

October 23rd Forum includes:  HD 21: Kelly Convirs-Fowler;   HD 84: Karen Mallard (represented by Henry Howell) and Glenn Davis;   SD 6:  Lynwood Lewis;   SD 7: Cheryl Turpin;  SD 8:  Missy Cotter Smasal and Bill DeSteph

October 2nd Forum includes:  Beach Council Seat: RK Kowalewitch, Guy Tower, and Rosemary Willson;  Rose Hall Council Seat:  Michael Berlucchi and Conrad Schesventer;  City Treasurer:  Laura Wood Habr, Leigh Henderson and Ralph Parham;  Clerk of Courts: Tina Sinnen

The closing statements from the October 2nd Forum can be viewed here:


If you are unsure of your state delegate or state senate district, please go to and enter your address to find your district numbers.  You vote for your district alone for the Delegates and Senators who will represent you in our Virginia General Assembly


To find your polling place:


The polls will be open from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM