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Pearl Home Tip

Keep Your Storm Drain Clear of Debris
We often talk to you about ways to reduce the stormwater running off of your property. Rain gardens, infiltration trenches, rain barrels pervious pavers and replacing turf grass with planted beds all reduce the amount of water that runs off of your property during a storm event. However, no matter what you do, in a large storm, you are not going to eliminate the water coming from your property. All of that water goes into our stormwater sewer system. Most days, the stormwater system can handle the volume of water, but in a large storm or an intense downpour, the system has trouble handling the volume of water and that is one of the primary factors contributing to flooding in our streets and neighborhoods.

Your first line of defense against flooding on your street is to make sure that the water can get into the storm drain pipe. Before and even during a storm, check your storm drain to make sure that it is free of leaves, pine needles, branches, trash and other debris that will prevent the flow of water into the drain. This will go a long way in preventing roadway and neighborhood flooding.

And it will keep this debris from polluting our waterways.
In the end, all that stormwater gets dumped into our lakes, creeks, rivers, bays, and the ocean.

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