Pearl Home Sustainable Yard Program

Pearl Home Sustainable Yard Program

Generous Funding Help for Projects in Your Yard

Pearl Homes

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Let Lynnhaven River Now help you “green” your Lynnhaven watershed home with its Pearl Home Sustainable Yard Program

This unique program provides specific stormwater management practices to your yard at a significantly reduced cost to you.

In return, you as the homeowner must commit to implementing or maintaining the practice for a defined amount of time.

COMPLETE THIS SURVEY to be considered for this program. Your survey will be reviewed and a site visit scheduled if your property is eligible. A site visit does not guarantee the installation of a practice.

The Pearl Homes Sustainable Yard Program can provide one* of the following practices to qualifying homes in the Lynnhaven watershed:

  • Pearl Yard Program (a stormwater-friendly urban nutrient management plan)
  • Rain barrel
  • Rain Garden
  • Infiltration trench

*Only one practice or feature can be implemented per residence in the program’s contract period.

Each stormwater feature is available at a significant cost reduction to the homeowner.

Pearl Yard Program (a stormwater-friendly nutrient management plan)

Value $300 —> Homeowner’s copay $20

Soil Test

130-gallon Rain Barrel, professionally installed

Value $400 —> Homeowner’s copay $100 

rain barrel new

Rain Garden

Homeowner’s copay $100

Value $4,000+ —> Homeowner’s responsibility any cost over $4000**

rain garden SYP

Infiltration Trench

Value $4,000+ —> Homeowner responsibility any cost over $4,000**

Homeowner’s Copay $100

infiltration trench


 ** A plan & quote are provided to the homeowner before the agreement is required.

This program is open to single family homes in the Lynnhaven watershed. Rental properties are not eligible unless initiated and contracted by the homeowner. Multi-family units are not eligible for this program.

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