May and June are the prime time to build oyster castles and this has been a great year! Our oysters spawn when the water gets warm and we want to have the new castles ready for them. Oysters are only mobile for a few weeks at the beginning of their life and during that time they need to find a place to settle where they remain. Ideally, they settle on another oyster shell or on an oyster castle block in a reef where they can live a long and productive life.

Oyster CastlesOyster castle blocks are specially designed and constructed blocks that contain 30% oyster shell, leach no toxins into the water, and can be assembled in varying formations to fit the particular depth and contour of the shoreline.  In addition to providing valuable habitat for oysters, the castles help to protect the shoreline from erosion and encourage the spread of wetland grasses behind the castles.

A big thank you to everyone who helped. A year of planning goes into each project. This is a huge effort and will provide much needed habitat for our growing oyster population.


If you live on the water and are interested in finding out if oyster castles are appropriate for your shoreline, please contact