LRNow 15th Anniversary Quilt Project

Lynnhaven River NOW 15th Anniversary Quilt Project

This quilt project was created in celebration of the 15th anniversary of Lynnhaven River NOW. The theme was “Watersheds and Me”. Students were asked to create a quilt square to represent that theme, whether that be a place, activity, animal, plant, landscape, etc. that embodies their feelings about the watershed and how they are connected to it.

The quilt squares were created with a variety of materials. These materials were chosen to best stand up to the tests of time so that the quilts could be appreciated and admired for years to come. They included:
• Fabric Markers
• Fabric Paint
• Sewing/Applique/Cross-stitch
• Archival Quality Markers
• Crayons
• Acrylic paints

Each quilt square is accompanied with the name of the designer, the school they attend, as well as a brief explanation of the design. The explanation could be a simple description or something more creative such as a poem. This information has been placed in this binder to give an insight into the purpose and reason for the designs. This binder will travel with the quilts to all of the Anniversary events.

Now that the quilts have been put together, we created a digital quilt “binder” that can be viewed online at any time so that this amazing project can be appreciated by a much wider audience. To view the quilt, click on the link below. Simply enter presenter mode and follow the directions on the screen.

We would like to thank each and every student who participated in this project. This unique piece of art celebrates the relationship between Lynnhaven River NOW and the great schools of Virginia Beach and is a wonderful tribute to the watersheds of the area.

We would also like to give a special thanks to the women who created the quilt. Thank you to Julie Erickson, Norene Skiles, Paula Harr, and Sandy Best to all the work that you put in to create this beautiful work of art.


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