October Notable Tree Tours
Date: Oct, 10, Saturday
Where: 1400 Nimmo Pkwy, Virginia Beach, VA 23456
Time: 9:45AM

You will be amazed to discover Virginia Beach’s oldest and largest trees during our October Notable Tree Tours. We hope you will join us to learn about the history, and importance of trees and their incredible ability to protect our land and waterways.

Due to covid, we will meet at a certain location and caravan in separate cars. Tour participants will be given a list of the tree locations and addresses the morning of the tour.

October Notable Tree Tour Dates, Times and Locations:

October 10th- Touring North East VB; Meet at the Brock Environmental Center at 9:45. We will leave promptly at 10:00am. The tour will end at 1pm

October 15th- Due to some unforeseen circumstances we regretfully have to cancel this event.

October 26th- Touring Central VB; Meet at 10:45am; Meet at 1400 Nimmo Pkwy, Virginia Beach, VA 23456 . We will leave promptly at 11:00am. The tour will conclude at 2pm.

This is a free tour presented by Lynnhaven River Now’s Notable Tree Expert Brent James. Please REGISTER HERE in advance to reserve your spot! 


In only the second year of the VB Notable Tree program’s existence, the VBNT has been recognized by Virginia Living Magazine in its “Best Of Virginia 2019” edition, as well as being given an “Award of Excellence” by the Hampton Roads Association for Environmental Education. ​The program has had over 200 trees so far nominated, with 112 selected and 5 more pending evaluation. ​Of that total, one of our VBNT (a Cherrybark Oak in Blackwater) has been placed on the State Champion Big Tree list ( 3rd place) by Virginia Tech who manages the State program, one VBNT (a Southern Magnolia in Pungo) has been declared a State Champion, and one VBNT (a Black Oak in Rosemont Forest) has been submitted as a possible State Champion and is awaiting further measurement. The program has discovered numerous historically significant trees, the oldest two of which are both approximately 400-500 years old! Those trees were both well-established, good-sized trees when Captain John Smith arrived and settled the Jamestown colony in 1607.

To learn More about our Notable Tree Program click here.


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