Trees NOW by Mary Reid Barrow

Sassafras trees set the woods on fire in autumn! By Mary Reid Barrow

The sassafras trees have set my yard on fire! This time of year, sassafras leaves turn bright red and stand out brilliantly from the rest of the woodland foliage. And for one brief glowing moment, dare I say it, the sassafras puts coastal Virginia right up there with the Blue Ridge for its fall color. Sassafras are small trees but

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Persimmons, ‘possums, Captain John Smith and me by Mary Reid Barrow

My persimmon trees drop their burnt-orange fruits, with star-burst caps,  like surprise presents on my driveway on autumn mornings.  The fruits take special aim at the windshield wiper well on my car.  A bit worse,  a persimmon can truly make a sloppy mess if it’s stepped on and tracked it into the house.   Despite their untidiness,  there’s something special

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