Trees NOW by Mary Reid Barrow

Trees chat with one another through the Wood Wide Web of mushroom mycelium by Mary Reid Barrow

Trees talking to one another? It’s hard to believe and it’s hard to understand. But science is now telling us that trees actually communicate with each other across the landscape. Trees telegraph their needs and help their neighbors through an underground network dubbed “The Wood Wide Web.” As we use our Internet communication system, the World Wide Web, the

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Tree berries are a winter buffet for robins and many other cold weather birds by Mary Reid Barrow

The robins arrived enmasse for the first time this year,  swooping into the yard, flying from tree to tree and gleefully chortling. Their sounds remind me of my long gone great aunt Emily at the holiday table. “Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm,” Aunt Emily murmured throughout  the meal. What shall we try,  the robins seem to ask.  How about these American  holly berries? 

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