Trees NOW by Mary Reid Barrow

Raise a toast to all trees this season, not just the ones with lights by Mary Reid Barrow

Make this season about all trees, not just attention grabbing holiday trees. Grab a handful of Lynnhaven River NOW’s new tree bookmarks from the office at the Brock Center  at Pleasure House Point and spread glad tidings about oaks, pines, hollies, live oaks and more that decorate the land year round. Put a tree bookmark in every gift book you

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Native holly and cedar branches make beautiful holiday wreaths by Mary Reid Barrow

A big paper bag of Virginia cedar covered with blue berries and a sack of American holly sprigs adorned with red berries…that’s all we needed. After a visit to my favorite cedar tree in a friend’s yard in Virginia Beach and a walk around the edges of my daughter Isabel’s Charlottesville neighborhood, we had our holiday wreaths almost ready made.

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Sassafras trees set the woods on fire in autumn! By Mary Reid Barrow

The sassafras trees have set my yard on fire! This time of year, sassafras leaves turn bright red and stand out brilliantly from the rest of the woodland foliage. And for one brief glowing moment, dare I say it, the sassafras puts coastal Virginia right up there with the Blue Ridge for its fall color. Sassafras are small trees but

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