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Tree berries are a winter buffet for robins and many other cold weather birds by Mary Reid Barrow

The robins arrived enmasse for the first time this year,  swooping into the yard, flying from tree to tree and gleefully chortling. Their sounds remind me of my long gone great aunt Emily at the holiday table. “Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm,” Aunt Emily murmured throughout  the meal. What shall we try,  the robins seem to ask.  How about these American  holly berries? 

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Sassafras trees set the woods on fire in autumn! By Mary Reid Barrow

The sassafras trees have set my yard on fire! This time of year, sassafras leaves turn bright red and stand out brilliantly from the rest of the woodland foliage. And for one brief glowing moment, dare I say it, the sassafras puts coastal Virginia right up there with the Blue Ridge for its fall color. Sassafras are small trees but

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Assault on Clean Water

Comment Period Opens — It took years of work and negotiation to reach the Waters of the US Rule that defined the waterways that are protected by the Clean Water Act. Now, the current Federal Administration wants to throw it out. Much is at stake if these changes go through. The federal comment period is open. Please consider submitting your

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