October 13, 2020
Celebrating Trees

In lieu of our annual Fall Festival, we have put together a series of events and activities this Fall all of which are centered around one theme: Celebrating Trees.

Why trees?

Our mission at Lynnhaven River NOW is clean and healthy Virginia Beach waterways. Water and trees are integrally linked. Forests have an amazing ability to aid in the filtration of water by filtering sediments and taking up nutrients before it reaches our waterways. These natural sponges also help prevent erosion of sediment into the water and help to replenish the water table by allowing water to enter the ground. The trees on our land intercept the rain keeping some on the leaves and branches to evaporate into the atmosphere and soften the rain that falls to the ground. Trees can store many gallons of water helping to keep our lawns and streets from flooding. Trees help combat climate change due to their remarkable ability to take in and naturally remove carbon dioxide that could otherwise be dissolved in the ocean, making the ocean waters more acidic and damaging marine life including our oysters.

These are just some of many ways trees benefit the environment and contribute to economic savings. Help us Plant for the Future as we celebrate Trees this Fall.

Read our latest Tree Story submissions and see how trees have ignited people’s imagination in the past and present.

Upcoming Events Celebrating Trees:

Event Name Date & Time Description Learn more/Register
Trees & Me Student Art Contest Entries due Thursday, 10/15

Winners will be announced on Friday, 10/30

The student art contest is designed give voice to the artist to create a piece of art inspired by the importance of trees in the environment and/or what trees mean to the artist. How to enter: Please read the rules/guidelines and complete the entry form.

Visit LRNow’s Event page to learn more.

2020 Photography Contest Last day to submit your photos Friday, 11/06

Winners will be announced on Friday, 11/13

Help us capture Virginia Beach’s natural beauty to share with the world. The contest is open to both amateur and professional photographers 18 and older. Learn how to enter and additional information on our event page. 
Notable Tree Tour Monday, 10/26  Discover Virginia Beach’s oldest and largest trees during our guided Notable Tree Tours. We hope you will join us to learn about the history, and importance of trees and their incredible ability to protect our land and waterways. *Free* Visit the Notable Tree Tours Event Page for additional details.

Click here to register and reserve your spot.

Walk & Talk Trees Guided Hike Saturday, 10/24


Grab your hiking shoes and join us for a 2-Mile guided tour on the Bald Cypress Trail at First Landing State Park. Cost is $5 and includes a free “Common Native Trees of Virginia” book by Virginia Department of Forestry.  Click Additional information and learn more. To Register visit this link
Right Tree Right Place Webinar Tuesday, 10/27


If you are unsure which type of trees are best and where you should plant them on or around your property then this webinar is for you!*Free*  REGISTER HERE to reserve your spot and receive additional login information.






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