5,000 Pearl Homes

With the help from the community, we now have over 5,000 Pearl Homes in Virginia Beach! This means 5,000 VB residents have incorporated 15 or more sustainable practices in their home. These are people who care about our environment and do what they can to protect our natural resources.

You may have seen a  Pearl Home flag in a friend or neighbor’s yard, or Pearl Home magnet on a door and wondered what it means. This has been a way for our organization to recognize all of the wonderful things that people are doing in and around their own home. From 1,000 Pearl Homes in 2013 to now over 5,000! WOW! This is an incredible achievement made by people in our community who truly care about  our environment and health of our waterways. We look forward to seeing this number continue grow and plan to celebrate 5k Pearl Homes with the community this upcoming spring. Together, we are making a difference!

Bravo VB! If you are already a Pearl Home please continue to carry out sustainable practices and help spread the word and encourage our neighbors to do the same. It truly does take a community!

Interested in becoming a Pearl Home or Pearl Neighborhood? Visit https://www.lynnhavenrivernow.org/pearl-homes/ to learn more. You can also learn about creating a sustainable yard and how we can help by following the link above.