Stop Offshore Drilling

Hearing in Richmond, Wednesday, February 21st
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Our one official hearing in Virginia with the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management is Wednesday, Feb 21stin Richmond. There is a press conference scheduled for 2 PM and the hearing opens at 3 PM. We need to show BOEM that Virginia does not want oil and gas drilling off of our coast..

The hearing will be at the Four Points at Sheraton Airport, 4700 South Laburnum Avenue, 23231.

The Sierra Club has chartered a bus going from Hampton Roads if you would like to go to Richmond without the drive. To register for the bus, go to to save your spot on the bus leaving from Norfolk and Newport News at Noon.

If you are unable to attend the hearing, but still want to make your voice heard, please submit your comments by going to 

Drilling for oil off of the Virginia coast is bad for our thriving tourist industry. Both the Navy and Wallops Island (NASA) have said that it will interfere with their operations areas. Even small amounts of oil are deadly to oysters and clams and harmful to the other commercial fish that we enjoy. And the wildlife in the ocean including our migrating whales and dolphin will be harmed both by drilling operations and by the seismic testing that precedes the

Let’s make our voices heard!

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