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Brock Environmental Center
3663 Marlin Bay Dr.
Virginia Beach, VA 23455

2015 Spat Catcher Workshop!

    Wednesday, May 20th, Brock Environmental Center, 3663 Marlin Bay Dr, Oyster Room     
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    5:30-6:15 PM - material pick up for returning participants

    6:30-7:30 PM - training for new participants

    Help Lynnhaven River NOW to catch baby oysters as we continue to restore oysters in the river.  This exciting program is fun, easy and it gives us the chance to capture valuable data about spat (or baby oyster) distribution throughout the Lynnhaven.  You will need access to a pier in the Lynnhaven River system in order to participate.

    NEW PARTICIPANTS are invited to attend a training workshop from 6:30-7:30 PM at the Brock Environmental Center, where you will receive two cages, all of the materials that you need, and instructions on maintaining the cages throughout the summer.  We ask new participants to pay $30 to defray costs of the materials.

    RETURNING PARTICIPANTS who already have cages and would like to participate for another year can bring their spat catcher cages to the Brock Environmental Center between 5:30-6:15 PM on May 20th to pick up new materials.  The cost for returning participants is only $10.

    We ask all new and returning participants to please register before with workshop by e-mailin
    g  For more information, call 757-962-5398 or email or

    We hope you can help with this wonderful program!

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