Growing A Greener Faith Workshop

Growing A Greener Faith 

Join us on November 4th at the Brock Environmental Center for our “Growing a Greener Faith” Workshop.


Dear Faith Leader,

It takes a community to restore and protect our waterways. We know how blessed we are to live in this beautiful place. Water is a large part of our daily enjoyment, recreation, local food, and even our livelihoods. We all want to do our part to restore the health of our sacred waters and protect them for future generations to enjoy. One of Lynnhaven River NOW’s goals is to help people of faith recognize and fulfill their responsibility for the stewardship of these gifts.

On November 4th we will be hosting a workshop called “Growing a Greener Faith” at the Brock Environmental Center. It will include speakers offering both inspiration and practical information. It’s easy to start one of these ‘green’ practices. You can start small. Some changes can actually save you money! Working together like this can also attract new members to your community.

The free workshop will be from 8:30 (sign-in and breakfast snacks) to closing by 4:30. Lunch will be provided. We are hoping that both clergy and ‘creation committee’ leaders will attend. Initially we will confirm up to two attendees from each community participating, as we are inviting many Virginia Beach faith communities.

Please contact Dana Sizemore (757-962-5398) to reserve your place.


Thanks and blessings!

Penny Moulis, D. Min.