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What can you do?

 The Lynnhaven River Watershed
· 64 square miles — 21% of the land area of Virginia Beach
· 220,000 population — 50% of the population of Virginia Beach

1. Take Responsibility for What goes Down your Drains
Sweep your gutters, keep leaves out of the storm drains…
Do not put grease and fats down your drain

2. Scoop the Poop & Don’t Feed Wildlife
 Reduce animal waste entering our waterways to reduce bacteria levels

3. Use Water-Friendly Landscaping Practices
Fertilize less...Replace part of your lawn with mulched beds…
Use native plants in your landscape…Create permeable surfaces...Build a rain garden

4. Practice Clean Boating
Pump, don’t dump…Use Marine Approved Products...Fill, don’t spill…
Support No Discharge Zone Legislation

5. Raise Oysters for Reef Restoration
Oysters filter the water and reefs provide habitat for many other species

6. Create a Buffer or a Raingarden on your  Property
Come to one of our Water-Friendly Landscaping Workshops

7. Talk to your Neighbors;  Talk to your Legislators
Take this flyer to your civic league...Schedule a LRN Presentation
8. Join a Committee and Get More Involved
Education...PR & Marketing...Special Events and Access Task Force...Clean Boating…
Landscape Practices…Oyster Restoration...Water Quality...Public Policy

With a watershed that is primarily residential, citizens play a significant part in improving water quality. Our choices really do make a difference.
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