Making a change to lawn can keep geese at bay

By Mary Reid Barrow  Jul 28, 2017 Homeowners on the water love their green lawns. Canada geese do, too. But what’s good for the goose is not always good for the gardener. Homeowners can change the way they manage their lawns and come up with landscaping that’s even prettier, and the geese will likely stay away. After the concern that

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Tell Geese “Get Outta Here!” by Speaking their Language

Many who live in the Lynnhaven Watershed are all too familiar with the Canada goose. Waterfront homeowners have tried just about everything to keep them off of their lawn from string fences to fake alligators to pellet guns. Many of these attempts, unfortunately, fall short of removing these persistent birds from properties. So, try these new strategies that speak to

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Welcome Summer Interns

We are thrilled to welcome our 2017 Summer Interns to Lynnhaven River NOW! This summer Megan, Theresa, Clare, Jessie and Lizzie will be assisting staff with LRN’s education and outreach programs, GIS, oyster restoration projects and development and communications. My name is Megan Considine.  I am a junior at the University of South Carolina pursuing a Marine Science Degree.  I

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Our newest natural area in Virginia Beach is an ideal habitat for Diamondback Terrapin and we have been lucky enough to see many of the nesting mothers and the young terrapin this spring and summer. The Diamondback Terrapin is named for the diamond-shaped growth rings on its top shell and can be found along the Atlantic Coast of the U.S.

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May and June are the prime time to build oyster castles and this has been a great year! Our oysters spawn when the water gets warm and we want to have the new castles ready for them. Oysters are only mobile for a few weeks at the beginning of their life and during that time they need to find a

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