2017 Outstanding Philanthropists


We are very pleased to share with you that Andrew Fine and his brother Morris Fine have been selected Outstanding Philanthropists for 2017 by the Association of Fundraising Professions, Hampton Roads Chapter. They will be honored at a luncheon on National Philanthropy Day in November.

Andrew was one of the founders of LRNow and has been our steadfast supporter for 15 years providing support in many forms, sharing both his generous gifts & wisdom over the years. In addition, Andrew and Morris have founded other efforts and consistently helped our community to flourish through their work with MOCA, the ViBe District, Chrysler Museum, the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center, and Buy Fresh Buy Local just to name a few. Today, over 48% of the Lynnhaven River is open to shellfish harvesting because of the vision and help of our dear friends, the Fine Family.

Andrew Fine 3  Morris Fine 2


     Andrew Fine                         Morris Fine 

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